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How to brew Puer tea? , Pu’er Tea Brewing Tutorial Illustration Daquan

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Hi everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is about Pu’er Tea Brewing Tutorial Diagram, so I compiled 2 related introductions about Pu’er Tea Let's take a look at the solution to the illustration of the tea brewing tutorial. How to make Pu-erh tea? How to brew Pu-erh tea - how to brew raw Pu-erh tea and cooked Pu-erh tea? How to make Pu-erh tea? Step/method 1 Warm the pot: pour hot water over the teapot to increase the temperature of the teapot, so that the water temperature will not be taken away by the teapot when making tea, which will affect the flavor of the tea soup. Step/method 2 Tea: While waiting for the teapot to warm up, take out the tea leaves to be brewed from the tea chamber and put them in the tea. At this time, you can invite the guests to enjoy the tea, and also take this opportunity to communicate with the guests and introduce them to the characteristics and aroma of the tea. color? Exterior? After enjoying the tea, put it back to the original place. Step/Method 3 Warm soaking: Sprinkle hot water evenly on the tea leaves to heat the tea leaves. You don’t need too much water, pour it out immediately after pouring it on. Step/Method 4 Wake up the tea: Pour the warm water into the sea of tea and wait for a while to let the tea soothe. While waiting to wake up the tea, you can use the hot water in the sea of tea to warm the scented cup. Step/Method 5 Brewing: The amount of water injected is determined by the number of cups to be brewed. The type of tea and the amount of tea leaves will affect the time required for brewing. It takes at least forty-five seconds to one minute, and some take one minute. Half an hour, this time can be used to warm the cup Step/Method 6 Serve the tea: Pour the tea brewed in the teapot into the sea of tea to balance the color and taste of the tea and precipitate impurities. Pour the tea into the smelling cup about 70% full, or buckle the cup, with the front pattern facing the front image, and serve the tea upside down to increase the fun of tea tasting (based on hygienic considerations, the buckle cup method is only suitable for the first brewing ). Step/method 7 Tasting tea: Pour the tea in the smelling cup into the drinking cup, and you can smell the tea at this time. When drinking tea, don't hold the rim of the cup with your hand. If you drink tea with your right hand, you should put your middle finger at the twelve o'clock position on the belly of the cup, put your thumb at the six o'clock position, and drink tea at the eight o'clock position. Divide it into three drinks to feel the taste of hot tea, warm tea, and cold tea. 1. First of all, it is necessary to understand: Pu-erh tea has the difference between raw tea and cooked tea. The taste, color and aroma of the two are quite different, and the brewing methods are also different. 2. The difference between raw Pu-erh tea and cooked Pu-erh tea: one has not gone through the process of "Wodui" (raw tea), and the other has gone through the process of "Wodui" (cooked tea). Raw Pu-erh tea refers to raw tea that is completely transformed by nature without going through "wort pile". Ripe Pu-erh tea refers to raw tea that has been "stacked" and fermented artificially through wet ripening to transform the substances contained in the tea leaves, reduce the bitterness and astringency, make the taste mellow, and shorten the aging stage. 3. How to make Pu’er raw tea: Equipment: When brewing tea, the tea utensils need to be prepared, and the water should be boiled at the same time (mountain spring water is better). Warm cup: scald the cup with boiling water, which not only scalds the cup, but also makes the cup have a certain temperature. Adding tea: put 5 grams of tea (3-5 years old tea should be put in less than fresh tea). Tea washing: Only by washing away the impurities and foreign objects on the surface of Pu’er tea can the true taste of Pu’er tea be fully released. Brewing: Brewing with boiling water at 90°C-95°C (the brewing water temperature of 3-5 year old tea should be higher than that of fresh tea), the water column is close to the inner wall of the tureen, and slowly pour water. Soup out: It takes 7-10 seconds to pour the tea soup into the justice cup, and then divide it into the tea tasting cup. Reminder: The speed of making soup changes from fast to slow. The first three teas should be made faster, and the time for subsequent teas can be extended appropriately. Observe the soup color: raw Pu-erh tea has not been fermented, and the soup color is light, yellow-green, crystal clear. 4. Brewing method of Pu'er cooked tea: equipment: tureen or purple sand pot. Cup warming: Raise the cup to a warm temperature, so that the water temperature does not drop rapidly after pouring tea and water, making tea better. If you are particular about it, you should warm the cup every time you brew it. Adding tea: It is advisable to mix 3-5 grams of dry tea with 100-150 ml of water by accurately measuring with a microelectronic scale. Washing tea: After the heaping process, the quality of the tea is greatly damaged, and some components that are not easily soluble in water are easy to form on the surface of the tea, which affects the authenticity of the tea soup. Therefore, it is generally not necessary to rinse the first two tea soups. Brewing: Brewing in boiling water at 100°C. Soup out: The soup can be out in 7-10 seconds. Reminder: Note that the strength of pouring water into the pot (bowl) should not be too heavy, should not be stirred, should not be shaken, and should not stand for a long time before brewing again, so as not to make the tea soup cloudy and the tea taste distorted. Observe the color of the soup: Shupu, processed by artificial fermentation, the color of the soup is dark red or maroon. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the diagram of the Pu'er tea brewing tutorial. I hope that the 2-point answer about the diagram of the Pu'er tea brewing tutorial will be useful to everyone.

How to brew Puer tea? , Pu’er Tea Brewing Tutorial Illustration Daquan

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