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Nose plastic surgery➣Nose plastic surgery treatment cost

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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of nasal plastic surgery, which will also explain the cost of nasal plastic surgery treatment. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now , don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! Contents of this article: 1. A brief introduction to rhinoplasty 2. How should I care after rhinoplasty? What should I pay attention to after rhinoplasty? 3. How much is nose surgery? 4. Nose cosmetic surgery (what are the methods of nose surgery) 5. What are the types of rhinoplasty (what are the sequelae of nose surgery) 6. What are the items of rhinoplasty? Brief rhinoplasty Comprehensive rhinoplasty is to use autologous cartilage, and then use L-shaped prosthesis to raise the tip of the nose, that is, augmentation Modified nasal surgery. Composite prosthetic rhinoplasty is to place prosthetic cartilage at the tip of the prosthetic nose, which can protect the skin tissue. People with short nose bridge, low nose and saddle nose, and flat nose tip can choose comprehensive rhinoplasty. The base of the nose is very good, but it is not high enough, and the middle of the face is slightly flat. So at the doctor's suggestion, I chose prosthetic rhinoplasty. The middle part of the face is plumped up immediately, and the lines on the sides of the whole face are smoother. But babies! This is when the nose foundation is better, and the prosthesis is chosen for rhinoplasty. How to choose the right rhinoplasty for you? Thread Carving Rhinoplasty Thread Carving Rhinoplasty is to implant thick thread in the nose tip and columella to support the nose tip. This method can support the nose tip through thread carving. But with the metabolism, the thick thread will be gradually absorbed by the body, and it will be absorbed in about 6 to 9 months, and the support strength will decrease. (1) Slumped nose bridge - Rhinoplasty Sagging nose bridge is the most common defect of nose shape, mainly due to the low and flat base of the nose, which cannot show the beautiful curve of the nose. Nose beautification method: prosthesis implantation At present, the solution to low nose bridge is mainly prosthesis implantation to raise the bridge of the nose. How should I care after rhinoplasty? What should I pay attention to after rhinoplasty? How to care after rhinoplasty? Precautions after rhinoplasty: Use ice packs for local cold compresses in the early stage after surgery, which can reduce postoperative swelling. From the 5th day after surgery, local hot compresses should be used to promote recovery. Rest: Those who undergo simple rhinoplasty do not need to be hospitalized, and should rest at home after the operation. After the operation, you need to wipe the nostrils with iodophor every day to keep the wound clean. Avoid contact with pets, pay attention to nutritional intake to increase immune resistance, keep warm, and prevent colds. On the first day after surgery, it is best for beauty seekers to rest in a semi-recumbent position to facilitate blood circulation; try not to bow their heads to prevent bleeding. Hello, pay attention after rhinoplasty: After rhinoplasty, you should pay attention to protecting the operation area, especially within one month, do not shake the prosthesis with your hands, and do not collide with the operation area, but it does not matter which side you sleep on. Sleeping on the side of the face causes the prosthesis to be skewed. How much is the nose surgery? 1. How much is the bulky nose augmentation? There is not much difference between plastic surgery hospitals of the same level, but the general price is still around 10,000 to 20,000, and the specific amount varies depending on the region and the level of the doctor. 2. The price of rhinoplasty varies depending on the hospital, level of doctor, city and other factors. Generally speaking, the price of rhinoplasty ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan. How much you need will depend on your individual circumstances. The price of rhinoplasty depends on the region. 3. The price of nose reduction surgery varies with regions, hospitals, doctors' skills and other factors. Generally speaking, the price of nose reduction surgery in plastic hospitals in big cities in China is between 50,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan. If it is in some well-known plastic surgery hospitals, the price may be higher. 4. There are a lot of rhinoplasty, and the methods and methods of each operation are different. If it is simple rhinoplasty, the price varies from several thousand to tens of thousands depending on the material. The price of rhinoplasty (what are the methods of nose shaping) is mainly related to the way of rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty methods include: rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid, rhinoplasty with prosthesis, rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage, rhinoplasty with comprehensive nose thread carving, etc. Generally, the price of rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid is about 1000-8000 yuan. If you need to inject hyaluronic acid, the price will be higher if you need to inject more hyaluronic acid. But if the doctor's operation is not good, the nose will be crooked or other problems will also occur. Also, costal cartilage rhinoplasty is a costal cartilage cut from my right chest about two centimeters incision, please detour if you are afraid. Let me talk about the defects and methods of various nose shapes: What are the specifics of rhinoplasty? beautiful curves. What are the nose plastic surgery (what are the sequelae of nose plastic surgery) 1. Local hematoma after rhinoplasty In rhinoplasty surgery, local hematoma will inevitably occur. Condition. 2. The sequelae of rhinoplasty are manifested as the exposure of the prosthesis through the nasal skin or mucous membrane, which is mainly related to the doctor's surgical operation, which may lead to excessive tension of the nasal skin in order to pursue the height of rhinoplasty excessively. Once this happens, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid infection, or larger perforation and skin ulceration, forming scars. 3. The first type is hyaluronic acid injection for rhinoplasty. Although the injection is relatively simple and the effect is obvious, you must choose a regular doctor to operate it, otherwise it will cause harm due to improper injection location and depth, such as bleeding, infection, nasal nerve damage, and nose swelling. , bad shape, crooked nose and other risks. 4. Common sequelae of rhinoplasty are mainly manifested as follows: 1. Sequelae of rhinoplasty is manifested as unstable or skewed prosthesis after rhinoplasty: the contour of the implanted prosthesis is faintly visible, and when the nose is touched by hand, it feels implanted. The inserted silicone rubber nose bridge prosthesis shakes under the skin. This situation is related to the doctor's surgical technique. What items are there for rhinoplasty? 1. Alar resection Alar resection is mainly suitable for when the base of the nose is too wide or the nostrils are too large. When the alar is wide, it is mostly due to excess skin on the alar. The skin under the alar should be removed and the incision should be sutured to narrow the alar. Make the nostrils appear longer, the incision is left at the boundary of the nose and cheeks, and the scar is very inconspicuous. 2. Rhinoplasty Items When the alar is thick and the alar is wide, the nostrils tend to appear large, which makes women look rough and lacking in aura. Rhinoplasty Method: Alaroplasty The best way to solve wide nose is to perform rhinoplasty. 3. To create the most perfect nose shape, the most protruding part of the dome can be cut off to make the nose look upturned, not pointed. The third is blunt rhinoplasty. Some people's noses look flat and blunt, making the whole nose look like there are no protruding points, making people look clumsy. 4. Rhinoplasty refers to more than three rhinoplasty items, which can be called rhinoplasty. General rhinoplasty includes rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty, and alar reduction. If these three types are combined, it is called rhinoplasty. 5. Alar alar adduction surgery of rhinoplasty: hypertrophy, wide and flat alar is very common among Chinese people. The alar can be narrowed by cutting off the lower part of the alar, or by cutting off the base of the hypertrophic nostril and pulling it closer to the middle, there will be Very good rhinoplasty effect. This concludes the introduction about rhinoplasty and the cost of rhinoplasty. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Nose plastic surgery➣Nose plastic surgery treatment cost

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